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BNC, TNC & UHF Connector Crimp Tool

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BNC, TNC & UHF Connector Crimp Tool 50 Ohm

This is a high quality ratchet controlled crimp tool which is suitable for terminating the BNC, TNC, and UHF ranges of crimp connectors. 

The 50Ω tool is recognised by it's green PVC handle sleeves, and is suitable for cable group A and a 75Ω red-handled tool, for 75Ω connectors in cable groups F & D.

What is this tool used for?

Used on RG58, URM43, and URM76 type cables.

Cable Types:
RG58, URM43, and URM76
50 or 75 Ω (dependant on tool selected)
0.43 kg
40 mm
220 mm