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How to use metal ball chain pliers?

How to use metal ball chain pliers?

1st Oct 2023

Ball chains are more common than you think.

But if you break one, is there an easy way to repair it?

Well, there is, and in this post, we'll go over exactly how to use metal ball chain pliers to do this.

What are ball chain pliers?

Ball chain pliers are a tool used to cut, open, and re-connect metal ball chains without damaging them. They're useful for a range of applications, including installing and adjusting window blind chains, keychains for promotional products, sink/bathroom chains, and jewellery chains.

If you don't already own a pair, we highly recommend the Maun Ball Chain Pliers, which allow you to both cut and adjust the ball chains with ease.

They're easy to use, and, in the next section, we'll explain how to use them.

How to use ball chain pliers

We have both a video and text guide on how to use ball chain pliers below:

Step One: Cut the Chain

Cut the ball chain to the length you want, using the integrated cutter in the pliers.

Steps Two & Three: Remove one of the Balls


To connect the chain, you'll need a ball at one end and a link at the other end. So, if both ends of your chain finish with closed balls, you will need to remove one ball by inserting it into the precision pin at the end of the tool and squeezing until it comes off. This will expose the link.

Steps Four & Five: Loosen the other ball


To open the ball at the other end of the chain, insert it into the precision pin section of the pliers and squeeze gently until a gap has opened.

Steps Six & Seven: Insert chain end


Transfer the ball end to the concave dies of the pliers, then drop the link end of the chain into the ball end. Finally squeeze this ball firmly until you have a secure connection.

How to choose ball chain pliers?

If you're shopping for ball chain pliers, then you should look for one with the following features:

1. Integrated Cutter – if repairing a lot of chains, then you don't want to have to switch between tools every time, so an integrated cutter will save you time and effort.

2. Precision-Made Pin – if the pin isn't precise, then you'll end up making multiple attempts at repair, which can take the chain beyond usable length.

3. 5X Hand Force Multiplier – it can get tiring having to squeeze the metal balls each time, so a tool with a 5x force multiplier will make it a lot easier.

4. Parallel Jaws – scissor-type jaws have a habit of being inaccurate and can damage the chain, so make sure to choose a parallel jaw tool.

We recommend the Ball Chain Pliers from Maun, as they have all of those features plus several more, and come in a range of sizes too, including No. 6 3.2 mm, No. 8 4mm, No. 10 4.5 mm and No. 13 6.3 mm ball chain pliers.

Maintenance and Care

It's important to always keep your tool clean, so regularly wipe it down after use, and store it in a dry place (like a toolbox). You can apply a little oil to the mechanisms to keep them running smoothly.

Can't I use normal pliers to install a ball chain?

Regular pliers don't offer the precision that's required to not damage the ball chain when working with it, so we highly recommend choosing specialist ball chain pliers.

How do I cut the ball chain to my desired length?

Normally you would need a different pair of cutters, by Maun's Ball Chain Pliers have a built in cutting edge, so you simply place the chain in the jaws and clamp down on the handles to cut through the chain.

How do I purchase ball chain pliers?

You can browse our range of ball chain pliers on our website, by visiting this link: Maun Ball Chain Pliers

Conclusion and Further Reading

We hope you enjoyed our article on ball chain pliers.

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