Specialist Pliers

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Whatever your niche. Maun has a plier for you.

Our specialist pliers are designed to take on even the most extraordinary of tasks. Any job, any time. Explore our range of specialist pliers today.

Window blinds. Quality control. Trawler fleets. However specialist your job, Maun is here with a great British tool for you.

Our Ball Chain Plier is the perfect example. A precision made parallel plier designed to join and re-join metal ball chains quickly and efficiently. No more warranty repairs, returns or installer revisits necessary. These pliers get the job done first time, every time. The ultimate tools for window blind manufacturers and installers. Used by plumbers and jewellers too.

Then there’s our Metal Tin Can Teardown Examination Plier. A must-have tool for tin can production QC. Pierce. Grip. Pull and tear to fully expose the seam. With parallel jaws to grip the metal securely along their whole length, and compound-lever action for a strong punch when piercing tin cans.

For EU national fisheries authorities and trawler operators, there’s our Twine Gauge Measuring Plier. Designed to assess accurately the regulatory conformance of fishing net twine, and built to withstand the harshest of environments.

Because at Maun we see problems and find ways to solve them. Whatever the specialty.

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