Wad Punch Kit

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Wad Punch Kit

Also known as a Hollow Punch Kit, this kit comprises a single wad punch handle which screws a series of interchangeable wad punches. Two kits are available with a common handle, and a range of either metric or imperial size punches.

The handle is fully heat-treated with a chemical black finish and the interchangeable punches are heat-treated, chemically blackened and ground to a fine cutting edge. All punches are available to buy separately.

The spring loaded plunger in the handle enables holes to be accurately centred and also serves to eject the slug. 

The kit is packaged in a purpose-made polypropylene box with spigots to locate the handle and punches and the lid is hinged and carries either the metric or imperial label dependent on kit selected.

What is this tool used for?

  • Used for producing gaskets as well as punching accurate and precise holes in materials.
  • Ideal for making clean accurate holes in a number of materials, including but not limited to; leather, plastic, cardboard, rubber, cork

How to use?

The handle should be struck with a hammer or suitable mallet onto a wooden block. 

The perfect Leather Punch Set for all leather crafters!

Metric punches:
5, 6, 8, 10, 12.5, 16, 20, 25, 32 mm
Metric Weight:
0.954 kg
Imperial punches:
1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 7/8, 1"
Imperial Weight:
0.908 kg
100 mm
260 mm