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Heavy Duty Parallel Action Piercing and Eyeletting Plier

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Parallel Action Piercing and Eyeletting Plier for 4 mm / 5/32"

This heavy duty and high precision plier has a hole diameter of 4 mm and the eyelet tool is suitable for a 4 mm (5/32") inside barrel diameter eyelet.

This plier can pierce holes cleanly and precisely in copy paper and will allow as many sheets as the 5 mm jaw opening will allow (dependant on the paper thickness).


  • 5 mm Jaw opening
  • 4 mm Hole Ø Diameter

What is this tool used for?

  • Ideal for piercing holes in copy paper and card materials.
  • Can be used to pierce and eyelet thin shim steel, card and thin plastic materials.
  • Ideal for the hobby & craft industry when working on craft projects.
Jaw opening:
5 mm
Punch diameter:
4 mm Ø
0.32 kg
50 mm
160 mm