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End Cutting Nipper for Hard Wire

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End Cutting Nipper for Hard Wire

The compound lever design of this tool gives excellent cutting performance with low handle load. 

You can use this nipper for repetitive cutting operations particularly encountered in the spring and bedding production industry. 

The nipper is capable of cutting 1.6mm Ø BS specification hard wire and the plier is150 mm / 6" in length.

We have the end cutting nippers available:

  • Plated handles with black jaws
  • PVC grip handles with black jaws

What is this tool used for?

  • Used to cut through materials such as wire, springs, nails, rivets and bolts
  • Cutting soft and hard wire close to objects



Cutting Diameter (hard wire):
1.6mm Ø
0.21kg - 0.23kg