Cupped Rivet Plier

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Cupped Jaw Plier for closing Rivets*

*Please note: This product is currently made to order and can take 2-4 working weeks before despatch.

Parallel action plier which is 160 mm in length and features two cupped jaws designed to close two part rivets.

With a jaw opening range of 0 - 14 mm this plier is able to close rivets up to this dimension when the head and stem are put together ready for closing.

Two part rivets with stems up to approx. 11.90 mm are recommended.

Plier can be purchased with mixed bag of 34 Capped Stem Rivets as an option at an additional cost.

What is this tool used for?

  • Designed to close two part rivets by compressing the cap and stem to give a secure fitting. Originally manufactured for Score It Band to compress rivets onto sweatbands.
  • Great for the fashion industry for using on clothing, handbags, satchels/backpack.
  • Ideal for leather craft.
  • Suitable for industrial applications.
  • The perfect leather rivet tool!

How to use?

  • Place the stem through material used and secure the head onto the stem.
  • Place the stem and head into the jaws of the plier.
  • Squeeze the plier handles until the required closure is achieved.
Jaw Opening range:
0 - 14 mm / 0.55"
Plier Length:
160 mm / 6½"
Rivets Compatible:
Two part rivets
Max rivet stem length compatibility:
Up to 11.90 mm