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How to use a wad punch

How to use a wad punch

10th Jun 2022

You need to cut holes, and you know you need a wad punch, but how do you do it?

In this post, we'll be discussing the best way to use a wad punch, as well as common questions about the use of this versatile tool.

How to use a wad punch

Here is a video demonstrating how to use a wad punch:

Here are the instructions for how to use a wad punch set:

1. Place your material over a solid wooden block.

2. Choose the size of punch you need and screw it onto the handle of the tool.

3. Mark the material you wish to cut.

4. Line the tool over your marked hole.

5. Strike the handle of the wad punch firmly with a hammer.

6. If creating a washer (or anything requiring a second hole), then choose a smaller sized punch and repeat the process.

This will help you make accurate and clean cuts, every time.

Which wad punch should you choose?

Not all wad punches are made equal, so you should look for one with the following features:

  • Case hardened centre punch – this ensures the cutting blades of the punch remain sharp. We recommend hardening to at least HRC 45.
  • Heat treated handle – this is crucial, as you're hitting the handle with a hammer for each punch, so it must be heat treated to ensure it can take the constant blows.
  • Chemically blackened – this gives the tool a longer life.
  • Multiple punch sizes – you want a tool that's versatile enough to cut lots of different diameter holes.
  • Accurate spring-loaded plunger – an accurate tool will save you wasted material and time, and a spring loaded plunger automatically ejects the slug after use.

The best Wad Punch Sets with these features are the Wad Punches by Maun.

What is a wad punch used for?

Wad punches are useful for a variety of applications, including:

  • Vinyl & Cork Floor Repair – a wad punch set allows you to make invisible repairs on cork or vinyl flooring, with perfectly sized pieces that won't ruin the overall floor design.
  • Classic Car Gaskets & Washers – create your own custom sized gaskets and washers, ideal for classic car restoration projects.
  • Leather Crafting – wad punches allow you to create precise holes in your workpiece and to create matching holes in multiple pieces.

Learn more about wad punches here.

Wad Punch vs. Revolving Leather Hole Punch Pliers

The wad punch and revolving leather hole punch are different tools with different uses.

A wad punch is useful when creating larger holes and when creating holes in the centre of larger sheets of leather (as pliers have a limited reach).

Pliers are useful when you want to work fast, as they give you multiple different punch options that can be quickly switched between, as well as being able to operate them with one hand.

Conclusion and further reading

We hope you found our guide on how to use wad punches useful.

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