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What is a wad punch tool?

What is a wad punch tool?

26th May 2023

How do you create clean and precise holes in any material? With a wad punch tool. But what exactly is a wad punch tool, how do you use one, and where can you buy one? In this blog, we’re going to answer all your wad punch questions.

A hole cutter for any occasion

A clean and precise tool, and no less resilient for it. A wad punch is used to cut circular holes in soft material.

Used in partnership with a mallet or hammer, a wad punch can be used to create holes of different sizes depending on the tool and diameter of the punch. It doesn’t mind the material you’re working with, from plastic and cork, to leather, felt and rubber. Whatever you choose, it’ll make accurate cuts, every time.

Hardened to HRC 57 for durability, Maun’s wad punch handle is robust, reliable, rust proof, and built to withstand repetitive mallet and hammer blows. When the day’s over, Maun’s wad punch still won’t get tired.

Don’t believe us? Find Maun’s wad punch range here.

What are the benefits?

In short, a Maun wad punch:

  • Makes accurate, clean cuts.
  • Makes precisely centred holes using the spring-loaded plunger.
  • Fits all punch sizes on one handle.
  • Punches both inner and outer holes for washers and gaskets.

How to use a wad punch

Here is a link to our video, showing how to use a wad punches:

It’s simple.

  • Use a wooden block as an anvil.
  • Screw the punch onto the handle. If making a washer, gasket or seal, cut the outer diameter first.
  • Centre the hole on the spring-loaded plunger, marking the material beforehand.
  • Strike the handle firmly with a mallet or hammer. Easy.
  • If making a washer, gasket or seal, select a smaller punch to cut the inner diameter.
  • Place the spring-loaded plunger on the mark on the cut disc.
  • Strike the handle. Done.

Maun’s wad punch set

For the complete cutting set, Maun’s Wad Punch Set is made up of a 150 mm long centre handle and nine interchangeable punches. And it’s available with either metric or imperial punch sizes.

Containing a variety of sizes, this set is ideal for making washers, gaskets or seals that require two cuts. Switching between sizes is speedy, as punches can be easily screwed on to the centre handle. Precision is assured with a spring-loaded plunger handle for centring cuts.

Best of all, like all Maun tools, this punch set is built to last. The centre punch is case hardened to HRC 57 for durability. The punches are made from a specialist grade of steel and have precisely-ground cutting edges. Plus, they’re hardened and tempered to HRC 45. And all steel parts are chemically blackened for protection. In fact, the whole kit is manufactured in our factory in Nottinghamshire, England by our team of tool-making experts.

How can I buy a Maun wad punch?

We’ve got several options for all your wad punch needs. You can get a full set, replace your punches, or get a single punch and handle for simpler tasks.

Shop the Maun wad punch range here

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