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​Best Leathercraft Tool Kits

​Best Leathercraft Tool Kits

17th Jan 2023

Working with leather is a great hobby or profession, but having the right tools can elevate your craft to another level.

In this article, we go over our favourite leathercraft tool kits.

Best kit for beginners

Our choice: Leatherwork Kit Bronze 3 Tools

Tool Set Includes:

Reasons to buy:

  • A great tool for beginners to get started with leatherwork.
  • Lowest cost tool kit.
  • High grade steel punches for accurate cutting.
  • Save money on individual tools.

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Best kit for complete leatherworking

Our choice: Leatherwork Kit Platinum 5 Tools

Tool Set Includes:

Reasons to buy:

  • A complete leather crafting tool kit.
  • Pliers for punching, straight edges for scoring and cutting, and rivet pliers for closing rivets.
  • Excellent for leatherworking professionals.
  • Save money on individual tools.

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Best kit for multiple sized projects

Our choice: Leatherwork Kit Gold 4 Tools

Tool Set Includes:

Reasons to buy:

  • Punch multiple sized holes in your leather with ease.
  • Ideal for cutting and marking various sized leather projects with two straight edges.
  • Professional quality tools.
  • Save money on individual tools.

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Best kit for small leather pieces

Our choice: Leatherwork Kit Silver 3 Tools

Tool Set Includes:

Reasons to buy:

  • Ideal for working with both normal and thick leather pieces.
  • The smaller straight edge is great for small projects.
  • Professional quality kit, precision made for accuracy.
  • Save money on individual tools.

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What tools do leatherworkers use?

Here are the most important tools that leatherworkers use :

1. Leather – although not a tool, you obviously need leather to work with during your crafting. The highest quality you can get is called full grain leather.

2. Thread – you need thread to sew leather together, and linen threads are the preferred choice.

3. Cutting Tools – cutting through thick leather can be a challenge, so it’s important to have cutters in your toolkit.

4. Straight Edges – used to help make accurate marks and cuts in leather.

5. Cutting Mat – this is to protect your bench from damage while cutting.

6. Hole Punches – used to create consistent holes in leather. These range from single punches, to revolving punch pliers.

7. Rivet Pliers – used to attach rivets to pieces of leather.

8. Diamond Chisel – these are very fine punches to create stitch holes in leather more easily.

9. Hammer – you need a hammer suitable of hitting metal without damaging itself or the metal tools, such as a plastic head hammer.

10. Leather awl – this is a hand tool that helps you make holes in leather, similar to the chisels.

11. Needle – to thread the holes and connect leather together.

12. Skiver – this tool helps to take fine layers of leather away.

13. Beveller – helps to create a smooth edge.

14. Groover – cut grooves into leather.

15. Burnisher – helps to remove fibres on the edge after cutting.

Is leathercraft a good hobby?

Leathercrafting is a very enjoyable hobby that’s very rewarding once you get good at it. It can be used to funnel your creativity into something practical that people will enjoy using, such as bags or leather accessories.

Is leather crafting profitable?

Leather crafting is a fulfilling hobby, and once you are proficient at it, you may be able to make a small profit by selling your handmade items to family and friends. This can in time scale to a more profitable business if you find a way to make more items or employ other leatherworking professionals.

What are leatherworkers called?

Apart from being called leatherworkers, they are often known as leather smiths, or simply leathercraft workers.


We hope you enjoyed our article on the best leathercraft tool kits.

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