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Universal Punch Plier

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Universal Punch Plier

This pressed steel plier has tapered bushes in the nose where punches and anvils can be inserted and assembled.

Once in position, the tools are held on a locking taper securely, and may be removed by striking the back of the nose of the plier against a firm surface, or tapping the tool with a light hammer.

We have a selected of punches to fit into our universal punch plier available:

  • Universal Punch Set - Includes Plier and full set of punches & self aligning anvil
  • Punch No 1 - 2.0 mm / 5/64"
  • Punch No 2 - 2.4 mm / 3/32"
  • Punch No 3 - 2.8 mm / 7/64"
  • Punch No 4 - 3.2 mm / 1/8"
  • Punch No 5 - 4 mm / 5/32"
  • Punch No 6 - 4.8 mm / 3/16"
  • Self Aligning Anvil - 10 mm / 3/8" - An anvil must be purchased with any punch that is being fitted into a universal punch plier.

What is this tool used for?

  • Ideal for the hobby craft industry for punching holes. 
  • Able to punch leather, card and thin plastic materials such as watch straps and is often more suitable for light work.

Please note, an Anvil must be inserted into the plier along with the punch in order for the tool to function correctly!

Punch sizes:
2.0, 2.4, 2.8, 3.2, 4, 4.8 mm
Self Aligning Anvil:
10 mm / 3/8"