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Parallel Action Flat Nose Plier with Smooth Jaws and PVC Grips

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Parallel Action Flat Nose Plier with Smooth Jaws and PVC Grips

Our parallel action pliers have a unique profile which means remains parallel throughout its full range of movement.

Giving a positive grip on square and hexagonal components and the serrated jaws, with a single longitudinal V-slot on one jaw, are ideal for gripping wire down the full length of the throat. Parallel-action jaws stay secure regardless of pressure or force exerted on the handles or the placement of the work piece within the jaws.

What is this tool used for?

  • Wire work; you can feed the wire through and hold it firmly over the entire length of the jaw.
  • Used widely in the jewellery industry as the smooth jaws will not mark the work piece
  • Can also be used for other hobby & craft work pieces to ensure they are not marked

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Please note: This tool is made to order and therefore will require longer delivery lead times.