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Metal Tin Can Teardown Examination Plier

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Metal Tin Can Teardown (Rip Down) Examination Plier

Cut, Grip, Pull - Quick Easy Testing tool for tear-down examinations!

This plier has been designed specifically for Teardown examinations of tin cans in order to measure the quality of seams of the can accurately.

160mm in length, 7mm Jaw Opening & 8mm Jaw Depth

Designed to tear up to 0.008" of metal.

What is this tool used for?

Specifically designed for quick & easy tear-down examinations of tin cans!

How to use:

  • Attach plier to the seam of the can which will cut into the tin material.
  • Grip the plier firmly.
  • Pull down the plier so you force the tin material to rip down / tear downwards.
  • This will now expose the cross section of the seam ready for examination of the seam.
4.00 (cm)
16.00 (cm)
15.00 (cm)
Jaw Opening:
7 mm
Jaw Depth:
8 mm
160 mm