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Stationer's Punch

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Stationer's Punch 6 mm

This plier punches a single 6 mm (1/4") diameter hole up to 32 mm (1.1/4") from the edge of the paper, and will pierce up to 30 sheets of 70g/m² paper in one operation.

It is spring-loaded and has an additional spring stripper over the punch to ensure that the punch clears after piercing the paper.

This plier is zinc plated and has an anti-rust finish.

What is this tool used for?

  • This is distributed in government offices throughout the world by Her Majesty's Stationery Offices.
  • Ideal and the essential tools for any crafters / artists.
  • Ideal for schools / colleges / universities for paper work / work projects.
  • Any Do-It-Yourselfers who love easy-to-make or DIY projects - this tool will always come in useful for a number of tasks.



Punch Size:
6 mm (1/4") diameter hole
Jaw opening:
45 mm
0.22 kg
30 mm
200 mm