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Pressed Stud Plier

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Press Stud Plier / Press Stud Tool

Designed with a unique C profile this tool is 250 mm in length and has steel jaws with a blackodised finished. This is an very high-quality and carefully designed tool.

Replacement stud tools are available for purchase (7 x stud tools)

Compound action, chemical black finish, PVC sleeved handles, with a straight jaw 85mm long and a “C” shaped jaw 52mm internal width and 40mm depth. The opposing jaw faces are threaded 1/4” BSF internal. Comes with 2 male tools, 2 concave anvils, 2 flat anvils and 1 servicing tool, each with ¼” BSF external threaded mount and stowed on the side of the “C” shaped jaw in ¼” BSF internal threaded holes. For use with nylon type dot, snap, button and stud fasteners.

What is this tool used for?

  • Originally designed for the MOD for applying pressed studs on the army uniform jackets.
  • Perfect for riveting press fasteners and studs.
  • Restore the pressed studs in your car.
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250 mm