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Clamping Plier with Plastic Jaw Inserts

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Clamping Plier with Plastic Jaw Inserts

This plier has plastic jaw inserts to ensure your work piece is protected and not marked.

The thumb screw allows you to clamp the jaws closed within the opening capacity giving a firm grip on the component.

The tool has a 0 to ½" capacity and is 160 mm / 6½ inch in length.

What is this tool used for?

  • Perfect for working with delicate materials i.e. wire, beading, pendants.
  • Used for jewellery making, hobby & craft work, artists, any other tasks which require you to ensure your work piece isn't scratched, chipped or marked.


Opening capacity:
0 to ½"
0.22 kg
10 mm
170 mm