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What are bird dispatchers and what are they used for?

What are bird dispatchers and what are they used for?

26th May 2023

Every year, thousands of birds are captured and left seriously injured. Yet, even though every gamekeeper, farmer and pest controller acknowledges they should keep unnecessary suffering to the bare minimum, they don’t always know how. So how do you kill a bird in a humane way? In this blog we’re going to explain how and when you should use a Bird Dispatcher.

What are bird dispatchers?

Let’s cut to the chase. Bird Dispatchers are a tool used to humanely dispatch wounded, sick or captured birds. Essentially, they kill them instantly and painlessly. No mess. No fuss. Kinder for them, and better for you too.

They work quickly and painlessly, as their jaws are set at the correct distance to crush the spinal cord fully, without cutting it. Not just this, but the tool is engineered to give high leverage with minimal handle pressure. So, the process is swift and simple for everyone involved.

When should you use them?

Let’s be honest, no one likes to use Bird Dispatchers, but they have a very specific function and they’re good at it.

With that said, they’re ideal for hunting and game shooting enthusiasts. As well as farmers, other individuals in the agriculture industry and pest controllers.

In short, if you’ve got a bird that deserves to be released from suffering, Bird Dispatchers are the tool for you.

How do you use them?

Bird Dispatchers make a tough job easy.

1) Cradle the bird to prevent the wings flapping.

2) Place the dispatcher around the sick or wounded bird’s neck.

3) Close the jaws firmly until the spinal cord is broken.

4) Hold for 3 seconds.

5) Remove the dispatcher from the neck.

Dispatch humanely first time, every time.

What makes Maun Bird Dispatchers different?

There are lots of different reasons why Maun Bird Dispatchers are particularly good at dispatching birds. Here are a few of them:

The jaws are set to provide the correct closing distance.

The jaws are case hardened to HRC 57 for durability.

They provide added comfort with zinc-plated handles and soft plastic grips.

They have red handles to offer stand-out visibility if they’re accidentally dropped in dense vegetation.

And they come with a sturdy leather holder option, complete with belt loops, for convenience and accessibility.

Bird Dispatcher Features and Benefits

Watch our video which explains the Features and Benefits of the Maun Bird Dispatcher here.

Why Maun?

We’ve listened to the concerns of gamekeepers, farmers, and pest controllers, who all want to be able to dispatch birds in the kindest, most humane way possible. The result is this unique tool. That’s Maun for you. We see problems and find innovative ways to solve them.

So, why settle for ordinary? We don’t. And you shouldn’t either.

Our Bird Dispatchers are built to last, with a robust construction and rust-proof finish.

Discover our range of premium, British-made tools today.

Shop our range of bird dispatchers here

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