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Ball Chain Plier

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Ball Chain Plier / Ball Chain Connector

This is the perfect tool to repair and re-connect the ball chain on your window blinds & jewellery pieces.

Sizes available:

  • No.3 diameter (2.4 mm Ball Ø)
  • No.6 diameter (3.2 mm Ball Ø)
  • No.8 diameter (4.0 mm Ball Ø)
  • No.10 diameter (4.5 mm Ball Ø)
  • 6.4mm diameter ball Ø
Chain # Diameter
#3 3/32" 2.4 mm
#6 1/8" 3.2 mm
#8 5/32" 4.0 mm
#10 .175" 4.5 mm


What is this tool used for?

  • Can repair and re-connect ball chains used on vertical blinds
  • Used in jewellery making for jewellery which incorporates ball chains.
  • Can be used on promotional products such as; key chains, metal tags, custom dog tags, neck chains, retention chains for vertical blind slats & vertical blind base chains.

How to Use?

This tool comes with a 'how to' guide, please also visit our video on our 'videos' tab.

No.3 diameter (2.4 mm Ball Ø) Tool - To be requested, please contact us on +44(0)1623 554599 for further information.

Ball diameters:
No.3 (2.4 mm Ball Ø), No.6 (3.2 mm Ball Ø), No.8 (4.0 mm Ball Ø), No.10 (4.5 mm Ball Ø), 6.4mm dia.
0.27 kg
20 mm
170 mm