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Long Nose Locking & Clamping Plier

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Long Nose Locking & Clamping Plier

This long nose grip plier has a wire cutter incorporated into the tool which cuts in progressive bites. The plier is chrome plated, finished to a high quality with heavy duty jaws and made from hardened steel.

The jaws enable reach into small confined spaces and is ideal for precision work, clamping, tightening, twisting, turning and cutting wire.

This tool has a classic trigger release.

What is this tool used for?

  • Ideal for precision work - Hobby, craft & jewellery making
  • Ideal for wire bending and cutting
  • Useful for general maintenance and repairs
  • Can be useful for plumbers, builders and mechanics when working in confined spaces
Jaw opening:
0.39 kg
5 mm
220 mm