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Jewellery Making Bundle

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£48.00 £45.60
(Inc. VAT)
£40.00 £38.00
(Ex. VAT)

Jewellery Making Bundle

Save 5% during September only!

Do you love jewellery making?

Whether it is your hobby or job this kit is an absolute life saver! This kit has the jewellery tools essentials whether working with wire, beads, metal or any other materials and will give you that perfect finish on your work pieces.

Featuring a Bail Making Plier, Round Flat Nylon PlierRound Nose Plier 1½" & Nylon Jaw Nose Plier

When purchased separately = £63.20 (Inc VAT) 


Item 1:
Bail Making Plier
Item 2:
Round Flat Plier
Item 3:
Nylon Jaw Nose Plier
Item 4:
Round Nose Plier 1½"