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DIY Bundle

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DIY Bundle

The perfect gift for a DIY lover...

Featuring a 140 mm Parallel Action Flat Nose Plier with PVC Grips, 140 mm Diagonal Cutting Nipper with Sleeves for Hard Wire & 300 mm Metric Safety Rule.

Parallel Action Flat Nose with red PVC grips for comfort, this is a unique plier that remains parallel throughout its full range of movement

Diagonal Cutting Nipper with red PVC grips for comfort, perfect for cutting medium-hard wire

Metric Safety Rule, manufactured with a unique 'M' profile which has one side slightly longer than the other which helps to ensure fingers are kept away from any knife edge when cutting or scoring

High quality tools at a fantastic price!

Save 30% by buying this bundle. When purchased separately = £64.37 (Inc VAT) 


Item 1:
140 mm Parallel Action Flat Nose Plier with PVC Grips
Item 2:
140 mm Diagonal Cutting Nipper with Sleeves for Hard Wire
Item 3:
Metric Safety Rule